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About Us

The WELL, Connecticut Wellness and Urban Trauma Center is a faith-based initiative of the Mt. Calvary Revival Center of New Haven, CT. We are working to create a community wellness center that is trauma informed, culturally sensitive, holistic in care, and offers services that are free and/or affordable to the Greater New Haven community. Our center will be developed upon SAMHAS 8 dimensions of wellness model (Emotional, Financial, Environmental, Intellectual, Occupational, Physical, Social, and Spiritual Wellness). We are currently in the planning phase of our community project and are in need of seed money to help us take care of legal fees, facility acquisition, renovation, and project planning costs. 


The WELL will seek to become a beacon of hope and support for the Greater New Haven community by offering clinical and therapeutic services, financial literacy and economic development courses, a small business incubator for millennial entrepreneurs, health screenings and nutritional classes, naturopathic health services, and an onsite gym and workout facility the will offer fitness programing.

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